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Extensions and additions to vcd: Visualizing Categorical Data

Version 0.7-1

This package provides additional data sets, documentation, and a few functions designed to extend the vcd package for Visualizing Categorical Data and the gnm package for Generalized Nonlinear Models. In particular, vcdExtra extends mosaic, assoc and sieve plots from vcd to handle glm() and gnm() models and adds a 3D version in mosaic3d().

vcdExtra is now a support package for the book Discrete Data Analysis with R by Michael Friendly and David Meyer.

The main purpose of this package is to serve as a sandbox for introducing extensions of mosaic plots and related graphical methods that apply to loglinear models fitted using glm() and related, generalized nonlinear models fitted with gnm() in the gnm package. A related purpose is to fill in some holes in the analysis of categorical data in R, not provided in base R, vcd, or other commonly used packages.