The goal of tinyscholar is to provide a simple way to get and show Google scholar profile.


You can install the released version of tinyscholar from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")
# devtools::install_git("https://gitee.com/ShixiangWang/tinyscholar")


Here I will use my profile as an example.


Get You Google Scholar ID

Firstly, you need to get your Google scholar ID from URL of your Google scholar profile or by running the following function with a keyword:

scholar_search("Shixiang Wang")
#> Searching author Shixiang Wang
#> Using API server: https://api.scaleserp.com
#> Using Shixiang's personal API key, only 125 free searches per month for all packages users
#> Search times used: 38
#> Search times left: 87
#>             id
#> 1 FvNp0NkAAAAJ
#>                                                                                               desc
#> 1 Wang, Shixiang (王诗翔)ShanghaiTech. UniversityVerified email at shanghaitech.edu.cnCited by 127

Copy your ID and go to the next step.

Get Personal Profile

Then you can use function tinyscholar() to get the tidy data, which is a list of two data.frame with added profile class.

profile <- tinyscholar("FvNp0NkAAAAJ")
#> Using cache directory: /var/folders/bj/nw1w4g1j37ddpgb6zmh3sfh80000gn/T//Rtmp8uOtiM/tinyscholar
#> Cannot find cache file /var/folders/bj/nw1w4g1j37ddpgb6zmh3sfh80000gn/T//Rtmp8uOtiM/tinyscholar/unsorted_2020-10-26_FvNp0NkAAAAJ.rds
#> Try quering data from server: hiplot
#> Timeout/error when use hiplot server. Switch to use the server: cse.
#> Save data to cache file /var/folders/bj/nw1w4g1j37ddpgb6zmh3sfh80000gn/T//Rtmp8uOtiM/tinyscholar/unsorted_2020-10-26_FvNp0NkAAAAJ.rds
#> Done
str(profile, max.level = 1)
#> List of 2
#>  $ publications:'data.frame':    11 obs. of  5 variables:
#>  $ citations   :'data.frame':    4 obs. of  2 variables:
#>  - attr(*, "class")= chr [1:2] "ScholarProfile" "list"

You can use this data in your way. The following parts provide two simple ways to show the profile.

Show Table

Table is the best way to show the scholar profile. Tinyscholar uses gt package to generate tables which can be easily modified.

tb <- scholar_table(profile)
when count
total 140
2018 1
2019 33
2020 103
Update: 2020-10-26
title authors venue citations year
APOBEC3B and APOBEC mutational signature as potential predictive markers for immunotherapy response in non-small cell lung cancer S Wang, M Jia, Z He, XS Liu Oncogene 37 (29), 3924-3936, 2018 62 2018
Antigen presentation and tumor immunogenicity in cancer immunotherapy response prediction S Wang, Z He, X Wang, H Li, XS Liu eLife, 2019 25 2019
Sex Differences in Cancer Immunotherapy Efficacy, Biomarkers, and Therapeutic Strategy S Wang, LA Cowley, XS Liu Molecules 24 (18), 3214, 2019 23 2019
The predictive power of tumor mutational burden in lung cancer immunotherapy response is influenced by patients' sex S Wang, J Zhang, Z He, K Wu, XS Liu International journal of cancer 145 (10), 2840-2849, 2019 22 2019
The UCSCXenaTools R package: a toolkit for accessing genomics data from UCSC Xena platform, from cancer multi-omics to single-cell RNA-seq S Wang, XS Liu Journal of Open Source Software 4 (40), 1627, 2019 4 2019
Copy number signature analyses in prostate cancer reveal distinct etiologies and clinical outcomes S Wang, H Li, M Song, Z He, T Wu, X Wang, Z Tao, K Wu, XS Liu medRxiv, 2020 2 2020
Can tumor mutational burden determine the most effective treatment for lung cancer patients? S Wang, Z He, X Wang, H Li, T Wu, X Sun, K Wu, XS Liu Lung Cancer Management 8 (4), LMT21, 2020 1 2020
Ras Downstream Effector GGCT Alleviates Oncogenic Stress Z He, S Wang, Y Shao, J Zhang, X Wu, Y Chen, J Hu, F Zhang, XS Liu iScience 19, 256-266, 2019 1 2019
UCSCXenaShiny: an R package for exploring and analyzing UCSC Xena public datasets in web browser S Wang, Y Xiong, K Gu, L Zhao, Y Li, F Zhao, X Li, XS Liu Preprints, 2020 0 2020
Sigflow: an automated and comprehensive pipeline for cancer genome mutational signature analysis S Wang, Z Tao, T Wu, XS Liu bioRxiv, 2020 0 2020
Revisiting neoantigen depletion signal in the untreated cancer genome S Wang, X Wang, T Wu, Z He, H Li, X Sun, XS Liu BioRxiv, 2020 0 2020
Update: 2020-10-26

Show Plot

Similarly, you can show numeric data with ggplot2 package.

pl <- scholar_plot(profile)


Similar R package

R package scholar is a more comprehensive package to get and visualize the Google scholar profile. However, tinyscholar is lightweight and not limited in China.