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This package contains functions designed for processing and analyzing shipboard DAS data generated using the WinCruz program from the Southwest Fisheries Science Center. It is intended to standardize and streamline basic DAS data processing. Functionality currently includes reading DAS data into a data frame, processing this data (extracting state and condition information for each DAS event), and summarizing sighting, effort, and comment information. Learn more in vignette("swfscDAS")


You can install swfscDAS from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Before installing swfscDAS, you must have R, RStudio, and the appropriate version of Rtools installed. It is best practice to install after closing all instances of R and RStudio, and then running the install code from the R GUI rather than RStudio. Please contact the developer if you have any issues.

DAS data format

swfscDAS expects data to follow the conventions and format used by the WinCruz program. You can download a PDF here describing the DAS data format requirements. See das_format_pdf for instructions on how to access the local copy of the format PDF that is included in the package.