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Spectrolab is an R package that provides a class and methods for processing and visualizing high resolution spectra in R. It is licensed under GPL-3.

spectrolab 0.09 Breaks Backwards Compatibility!

The function wavelengths is now bands and the function reflectance is now value. We suggest that you update your code to reflect that change. If you really need to use the older API, install spectrolab from the legacy branch.


You can install spectrolab from Github using:


Or from CRAN using:


Using spectrolab

This vignette introduces spectrolab, and walks you through the basics of the package.


In an effort to keep things tidy and in running order, direct commits to master are discouraged. The master branch of the “meireles/spectrolab” fork is protected.

I also use a pre-commit hook in my local repo that prevents me from breaking my own policy! I suggest you do the same.