About bioRxiv and medRxiv

bioRxiv and medRxiv are a preprint repositoris for the biological and medical sciences, respectively, both hosted by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL).

Metadata of preprints from both repositories can be accessed via a singular API service hosted on bioRxiv, available at https://api.biorxiv.org. This package, rbiorxiv, provides a simple interface for interacting with this API service, to allow retrieval of metadata for bioRxiv and medRxiv preprints.


Install development version from Github


Load package



The main functions in rbiorxiv generally conform to the API endpoints outlined in the API documentation (see here).

Content detail

Retrieve details of either a set of preprints deposited between two dates, or lookup a single preprint by DOI:

The bioRxiv API currently also allows querying of details of medRxiv preprints, by supplying a “server” parameter. This can be specified as follows:

The default server parameter is always “biorxiv”. Note that the following functions documented below are limited to bioRxiv only (at the time of writing).

Published article detail

Retrieve details of published articles associated with bioRxiv preprints that were published between two dates:

Publisher article detail

Retrieve details of articles published by a specific publisher (specified by their doi prefix) between two dates:

Content summary statistics

Retrieve summary statistics for bioRxiv content (e.g. number of preprints deposited):

Usage summary statistics

Retrieve summary statistics for usage of bioRxiv content (e.g. number of pdf downloads):