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A personograph (Kuiper-Marshall plot) is a pictographic representation of relative harm and benefit from an intervention. It is similar to Visual Rx (Cates Plots). Each icon on the grid is colored to indicate whether that percentage of people is harmed by the intervention, would benefit from the intervention, has good outcome regardless of intervention, or bad outcome regardless of intervention. This terminology is similar to that of Uplift Modelling.

The plot function personograph is implemented in such a way that it's easy to just pass a named list of percentages, colors, and an icon. Making it potentially useful for other use cases as well.

higher_is_better=F higher_is_better=T


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Install devtools and roxygen2. To generate documentation run document() in the package folder after loading devtools with library(devtools). The documentation is automatically generated from the comments in the source code. See the Roxygen documentation for details. To convert the documentation to PDF use R CMD Rd2pdf <package>.

To build

R CMD build . in the personograph folder. Then do R CMD CHECK <the generated.tar.gz> and/or R CMD CHECK --as-cran <the generated.tar.gz>.

Funding & Acknowledgments

This software was commissioned and sponsored by Doctor Evidence. The Doctor Evidence mission is to improve clinical outcomes by finding and delivering medical evidence to healthcare professionals, medical associations, policy makers and manufacturers through revolutionary solutions that enable anyone to make informed decisions and policies using medical data that is more accessible, relevant and readable.