The WoodSimulatR package has been developed in the project InnoGrading by Holzforschung Austria ().

It provides tools for generating simulated sawn timber strength grading data.

The main focus is statistical simulation based on covariance matrices.

WoodSimulatR also contains pre-stored simulation data for Norway spruce (Picea abies) sawn timber from Austria and reference values of means and standard deviations of grade determining properties (GDPs) from literature for a number of European countries.


You can install the released version of WoodSimulatR from CRAN with:



The most important use cases are explained in the vignette woodsimulatr_basics which can be accessed by:

vignette('woodsimulatr_basics', package = 'WoodSimulatR')


The project InnoGrading was funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG; project nr. 869170).

The package WoodSimulatR was inspired by the work of Ranta-Maunus and Turk (2010).


Ranta-Maunus, Alpo, and Goran Turk. 2010. “Approach of Dynamic Production Settings for Machine Strength Grading.” In 11th World Conference on Timber Engineering 2010 (WCTE 2010), edited by A. Ceccotti and Jan-Willem G. van de Kuilen.