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A simple interface to the Microsoft Graph API. The companion package to AzureRMR and AzureAuth.

Microsoft Graph is a comprehensive framework for accessing data in various online Microsoft services. Currently, this package aims to provide an R interface only to the Azure Active Directory part, with a view to supporting interoperability of R and Azure: users, groups, registered apps and service principals. Like AzureRMR, it could potentially be extended to cover other services.

The primary repo for this package is at; please submit issues and PRs there. It is also mirrored at the Cloudyr org at You can install the development version of the package with devtools::install_github("Azure/AzureGraph").


AzureGraph uses the same authentication procedure as AzureRMR and the Azure CLI. The first time you authenticate with a given Azure Active Directory tenant, you call create_graph_login() and supply your credentials. R will prompt you for permission to create a special data directory in which to save the obtained authentication token and AD Graph login. Once this information is saved on your machine, it can be retrieved in subsequent R sessions with get_graph_login(). Your credentials will be automatically refreshed so you don’t have to reauthenticate.

Linux DSVM note If you are using a Linux Data Science Virtual Machine in Azure, you may have problems running create_graph_login() (ie, without arguments). In this case, try create_graph_login(auth_type="device_code").

Sample workflow

AzureGraph currently includes methods for working with registered apps, service principals, users and groups. A call_graph_endpoint() method is also supplied for making arbitrary REST calls.


# authenticate with AAD
# - on first login, call create_graph_login()
# - on subsequent logins, call get_graph_login()
gr <- create_graph_login()

# my user information
me <- gr$get_user("me")

# my groups

# my registered apps

# create an app
# by default, this will have a randomly generated strong password with duration 2 years
app <- gr$create_app("AzureR_newapp")

# get the associated service principal

# using it in conjunction with AzureRMR RBAC
    add_role_assignment(app, "Contributor")