CRAN Task View: Handling and Analyzing Spatio-Temporal Data

Maintainer:Edzer Pebesma
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This task view aims at presenting R packages that are useful for the analysis of spatio-temporal data.

Please let the maintainer know if something is inaccurate or missing.

The following people contributed to this task view: Roger Bivand, Achim Zeileis, Michael Sumner, Ping Yang.

Although one could argue that all data are spatio-temporal, as they must have been taken somewhere and at some point in time, in many cases the spatial locations or times of observation are not registered, and irrelevant to the purpose of the study. Here, we will address the cases where both location and time of observation are registered, and relevant for the analysis of the data. The Spatial and TimeSeries task views shed light on spatial, and temporal data handling and analysis, individually.

Representing data

Analyzing data


Data sets

Retrieving data

Packages for retrieving data are:

CRAN packages:

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