wildlifeDI: Calculate Indices of Dynamic Interaction for Wildlife Telemetry Data

Dynamic interaction refers to spatial-temporal associations in the movements of two (or more) animals. This package provides tools for calculating a suite of indices used for quantifying dynamic interaction with wildlife telemetry data. For more information on each of the methods employed see the references within. The package draws heavily on the classes and methods developed in the 'adehabitat' packages.

Version: 0.1
Imports: sp, rgeos, adehabitatLT
Suggests: knitr, adehabitatHR
Published: 2014-08-18
Author: Jed Long
Maintainer: Jed Long <jed.long at st-andrews.ac.uk>
License: GPL-3
URL: http://www.geog.uvic.ca/spar/dynamicinteraction/
NeedsCompilation: no
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Reference manual: wildlifeDI.pdf
Vignettes: wildlifeDI - Vignette
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