rmetasim: An individual-based population genetic simulation environment

An interface between R and the metasim simulation engine. Facilitates the use of the metasim engine to build and run individual based population genetics simulations. The simulation environment is documented in: Allan Strand. Metasim 1.0: an individual-based environment for simulating population genetics of complex population dynamics. Mol. Ecol. Notes, 2:373-376, 2002. (Please contact Allan Strand with comments, bug reports, etc). This version represents a significant alteration of function names that hopefully increases consistency and reduces the chances of collisions with other packages naming conventions. For a spatially-explicit, but slower, package with a similar interface, see kernelPop

Version: 2.0.4
Depends: ape, ade4, gtools
Published: 2014-06-01
Author: Allan Strand, James Niehaus
Maintainer: Allan Strand <stranda at cofc.edu>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL]
NeedsCompilation: yes
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In views: Genetics
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