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An R package containing utility functions to support the NeuroAnatomy Toolbox (nat)


This package is part of a primarily R based toolbox for neuroanatomy that has been in continuous development since 2002. Originally a loosely organised collection of R functions and scripts, I am now transitioning some of the code that may be of more general use to formal R packages. As one of the smaller sets of code with minimal dependencies, these utility functions are the first group of functions to be converted.

The main original code base is at The recommended way to access this code is through a wrapper R package available on github. There is now also a formal nat R package undergoing rapid development on github (the recommended installation source). A stable release is also available on CRAN. In the fullness of time I expect that this nat package will collect together a number of sub-packages or extension packages called nat.*.


Released versions

From CRAN - the recommended option for simplicity and since this package is not under heavy development:


From our lab repository:


Bleeding Edge

Straight from github with Hadley Wickham's devtools package: