mwaved is a set of functions that generalise the waved package for wavelet deconvolution in the Fourier domain. These generalisations are the following extensions:

The user is encouraged to view the embedded Shiny applet that showcases the mwaved pacakge and importantly lists the appropriate R commands to recreate the output given by Shiny applet. The embedded Shiny applet can be viewed as long as the user has the shiny package installed on their machine and then using R command > mwaved::mWaveDDemo().

The code is also written with the use of the Rcpp package to help use the external C FFTW library to achieve speeds around 8-15 times faster than the usual WaveD package (comparing the performance of a single channel waved code to the same code in the mwaved package with various sample sizes). The relative performance improves as the sample size increases.

The package is being developed at and any bug reports, comments or suggestions are welcomed at

Optional source compilation instructions (currently only tested in Ubuntu and Slackware Linux)