R2SWF: Convert R Graphics to Flash Animations

This package uses the Ming library (http://www.libming.org/) to create Flash animations. Users can either use the SWF device swf() to generate SWF file directly through familiar plotting functions like plot(), or convert images of other formats (SVG, PNG, JPEG) into SWF.

Version: 0.8
Depends: sysfonts
Suggests: XML, Cairo
Published: 2014-02-23
Author: Yixuan Qiu, Yihui Xie, Cameron Bracken and authors of included software. See file AUTHORS for details.
R2SWF author details
Maintainer: Yixuan Qiu <yixuan.qiu at cos.name>
BugReports: https://github.com/yixuan/R2SWF/issues
License: GPL-2
Copyright: see file COPYRIGHTS
URL: https://github.com/yixuan/R2SWF
NeedsCompilation: yes
SystemRequirements: zlib, libpng, FreeType
Materials: NEWS
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Reference manual: R2SWF.pdf
Package source: R2SWF_0.8.tar.gz
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