Misc functions for training and plotting classification and regression models.


Manual: caret.pdf
Vignette: A Short Introduction to the caret Package

Maintainer: Max Kuhn <mxkuhn at gmail.com>

Author(s): Max Kuhn. Contributions from Jed Wing, Steve Weston, Andre Williams, Chris Keefer, Allan Engelhardt, Tony Cooper, Zachary Mayer, Brenton Kenkel, the R Core Team, Michael Benesty, Reynald Lescarbeau, Andrew Ziem, Luca Scrucca, Yuan Tang, Can Candan, and Tyler Hunt.

Install package and any missing dependencies by running this line in your R console:


Package caret
URL https://github.com/topepo/caret/
Task Views HighPerformanceComputing , MachineLearning , Multivariate
Version 6.0-77
Published 2017-09-07
License GPL (>= 2)
BugReports https://github.com/topepo/caret/issues
NeedsCompilation yes
CRAN checks caret check results
Package source caret_6.0-77.tar.gz