'Blaze' is an open-source, high-performance C++ math library for dense and sparse arithmetic. With its state-of-the-art Smart Expression Template implementation 'Blaze' combines the elegance and ease of use of a domain-specific language with 'HPC'-grade performance, making it one of the most intuitive and fastest C++ math libraries available. The 'Blaze' library offers: - high performance through the integration of 'BLAS' libraries and manually tuned 'HPC' math kernels - vectorization by 'SSE', 'SSE2', 'SSE3', 'SSSE3', 'SSE4', 'AVX', 'AVX2', 'AVX-512', 'FMA', and 'SVML' - parallel execution by 'OpenMP', C++11 threads and 'Boost' threads ('Boost' threads are disabled in 'RcppBlaze') - the intuitive and easy to use API of a domain specific language - unified arithmetic with dense and sparse vectors and matrices - thoroughly tested matrix and vector arithmetic - completely portable, high quality C++ source code The 'RcppBlaze' package includes the header files from the 'Blaze' library with disabling some functionalities related to link to the thread and system libraries which make 'RcppBlaze' be a header-only library. Therefore, users do not need to install 'Blaze and' the dependency 'Boost'. 'Blaze' is licensed under the New (Revised) BSD license, while 'RcppBlaze' (the 'Rcpp' bindings/bridge to 'Blaze') is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later, as is the rest of 'Rcpp'. Note that since 'Blaze' has committed to C++14 commit to C++14 which does not used by most R users from version 3.0, we will use the version 2.6 of 'Blaze' which is C++98 compatible to support the most compilers and system.


Manual: RcppBlaze.pdf
Vignette: None available.

Maintainer: Ching-Chuan Chen <zw12356 at gmail.com>

Author(s): Ching-Chuan Chen, Klaus Iglberger, Georg Hager, Christian Godenschwager, Tobias Scharpff

Install package and any missing dependencies by running this line in your R console:


Depends R (>= 3.0.2)
Imports utils, Rcpp(>=0.11.0), Matrix(>=1.1-0)
Suggests RUnit, pkgKitten
Linking to Rcpp, BH(>=1.54.0-2)
linking to

Package RcppBlaze
URL https://github.com/Chingchuan-chen/RcppBlaze https://bitbucket.org/blaze-lib/blaze
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Version 0.1.1
Published 2017-02-22
License GPL (>= 2)
BugReports https://github.com/Chingchuan-chen/RcppBlaze/issues
NeedsCompilation yes
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Package source RcppBlaze_0.1.1.tar.gz