A wrapper for 'libcurl' Provides functions to allow one to compose general HTTP requests and provides convenient functions to fetch URIs, get & post forms, etc. and process the results returned by the Web server. This provides a great deal of control over the HTTP/FTP/... connection and the form of the request while providing a higher-level interface than is available just using R socket connections. Additionally, the underlying implementation is robust and extensive, supporting FTP/FTPS/TFTP (uploads and downloads), SSL/HTTPS, telnet, dict, ldap, and also supports cookies, redirects, authentication, etc.


Manual: RCurl.pdf
Vignette: None available.

Maintainer: Duncan Temple Lang <duncan at r-project.org>

Author(s): Duncan Temple Lang and the CRAN team

Install package and any missing dependencies by running this line in your R console:


Depends R (>= 3.0.0), methods, bitops
Suggests Rcompression, XML
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Package RCurl
URL http://www.omegahat.net/RCurl
Task Views WebTechnologies
Version 1.95-4.8
Published 2016-03-01
License BSD
SystemRequirements GNU make, libcurl
NeedsCompilation yes
CRAN checks RCurl check results
Package source RCurl_1.95-4.8.tar.gz