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Getting Started with R


The following documentation provides some tips and links to documentation that will help you get started with R.

  1. Read our introduction to R
  2. Download Microsoft R Open or R
  3. Install Microsoft R Open or R
  4. Get an R IDE
  5. Explore these beginner resources
  6. Explore these advanced resources

Get Your R IDE

After you download and install Microsoft R Open or open R, the next step is to get an integrated development environment, or IDE, for R. One such R IDE is R Tools for Visual Studio and another is RStudio. Your R IDE is where you'll write your code.

Beginners, Start Here

Beginner Tutorials

New to R Programming? Jumpstart your learning process using these tutorials and books.

The following tutorials are helpful for beginners.

Beginner Publications

Read these introductory publications to learn more about R programming.

Beginner Articles

Learn more by reading these articles:

Get Started. Make Your Own Plot and More!

Read Advanced Materials

If you have experience with R, you can further develop your knowledge and skills reading publications like these.

Important! There are hundreds of R programming resources. Some are meant to develop programming skills others focus on using R for specialized topics in Statistics and Data Science. Click to search for more.